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NyNy's 12th Birthday Studio Shoot

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

What the Birthday Girl wants, the Birthday Girl gets. For NyNy's 12th birthday shoot, she went and got her hair and make-up professionally done. They showed up with balloons and outfits and a good demeanor and good vibes.

NyNy is feeling fierce. We were rocking to Lizzo and chowing down on donuts and pastries. Without a second thought we wanted to incorporate it in the picture and I think it works here.

She was excited, brought lots of energy and confidence and everything worked as planned. Her green eyes match the green backdrop, this is one of the moneyshots. See what I did there.

NyNy let loose and had fun with her shoot. She didn't overthink, went with the flow and came prepared with props and outfits and poses.

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