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Anthony & Mitchell

Updated: May 7, 2022

In 2014, Same-sex marriage was federally legalized. Across the country, many celebrated. With less than a decade of gay marriages, society has opened up a whole avenue of love and self-expression to exist. This is a special time in history and every gay wedding I shoot, I am honored. I am documenting actual history. Incredible times we live in. Never take your liberty or freedom for granted.

Mitchell is getting ready for his first look with Anthony. The nerves are kicking in as Anthony's father helps Mitch with his suit. Things are about to begin!

Nanina's has their Christmas decorations still up in January, so with the cherry wood, there is a nice red and warm glow in the room. This fireplace area is filled with tables and seats. We push the décor to the side and open up this little set for the couple and theirr group portraits

Anthony and Mitchell, bravely kiss in front of their guests. Holding hands and dancing in the clouds for this special first dance. They are both happy, proud and appreciative of all their blessings in life.

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