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Hi, I'm Louis! I'm polite, kind, funny, positive, professional, outgoing, creative, loving, fun.. the list goes on. I enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things. Life is so amazing and multifaceted. It's an absolute blessing that I get to exist at this time with all of you beautiful people. I'm truly honored. I cherish every moment that I can with the world. Exploring new cultures and traditions, bonding with new friends. My life story and my journey are my own, and while they do make me a standout at times, I am honored to simply be myself and appreciate all that God has given me. I can't help but to see the positive silver lining. There is too much good in the world to focus on the bad, time is short.


I shoot Canon only, it's my favorite color profile and I've been with them since my humble beginnings. I trust your images with their codecs and file formats. I rent extra equipment at times and bring extra props on shoots, when the occasion arises. I like to pose but keep things natural. So while I do stage, I also want you to feel in the moment. Deep breaths, laughs, holding hands, etc. I enjoy the candidness of a posed photograph and to see your choice of movements and interpretations of my direction. I love landscapes and close-ups. A mixture of the breadth of magnitude combined with the details of an intimate moment. 

I use softboxes/external lights and natural light. Unlike many natural light photographers, I can shoot at night as well, which is especially important for most receptions and ballrooms. I am fully equipped and skilled in the art of lighting. I can see where and how a light source will hit my subject before I press the shutter. My camera is always in Manual and I will always be present as first photographer. If you decide to go with Video only, I am the second shooter. 


I edit the photos in Lightroom, retouch in Photoshop when necessary and edit the videos in Premiere Pro. I use Adobe Creative Cloud because everything syncs together. Even my contracts are virtual through Adobe Acrobat. I try to lightly retouch, make colors pop, clear the skin and balance the tones, while keeping everything as realistic as possible. I create photocomps on the side and practice my PS skills. regularly.


With the video edits, I take soundbites from your reception speeches and your ceremony, and create a documentary film. The trailer will cut together the important moments with stylized b-roll and candid moments; like kissing at the altar, the cake-cutting and bouquet toss. The longer video will incorporate the Ceremony and the key events of the Reception. Everything is smooth, personalized and thoughtful.


Your memories undergo a revision process, for you to browse through and make sure everything is to your liking! I usually don't get many revisions, because we're meticulous in the first place. I make sure you look good, your family looks good, your friends and your bridal party. I make sure that everything is clean and timeless. 

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Louis really knows what he is doing! From the day we booked him, to our engagement photoshoot, to our wedding day, he did everything we wanted and exceeded expectations! The day of the wedding, the weather wouldn't cooperate and Louis and his videographer Phil, worked their magic and took pictures that are sure to be breathtaking! So sweet and compassionate with his work, and I couldn't have it any other way!



Thank you for coming to my page! A little bit about me, I have been taking pictures and making videos since I was very young. Graduated with a Film and English Degree from Rutgers and worked for companies as a way to save up and buy my own gear. Now I run my own business, but I am still an artist first.


I'm also a storyteller and I write my tales through media. Whether it's designing this website, photoshop, flash photography, posing, video editing, filming or script-writing; I am obsessed with communication and media. What we can do with light, time and narrative are beyond words... that's why I tell it through images. And what better story to tell, then love.

I make my own art, play piano and write in my spare time. I am a puppy owner, and an only child. Single and married to my craft. I love shooting more than anything and working with my couples. Any opportunity I have to capture your love, is a great honor  <3 I have been perfecting my art for the last decade, providing couple's of all backgrounds and lifestyle's memories to last them a lifetime, and I plan to do so in the future..


I truly care about my work and my couple's and I am not looking for another paycheck, but for an experience. That's why I'm always the first shooter and why I edit everything in-house. I'm looking for the thrill, the party, the love! Weddings are energizing and fast-paced, engagement sessions are full of joy and adventure and every moment I get to share in the lives of  the romance between two human being's is truly a blessing.

Hello Im Lou
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