Updated: May 7

Someone is ready to go! Leonella has her hair and make up done. She is feeling herself. Looking beautiful, feeling beautiful, she's radiating positive energy, anticipation and joy.

The dress has been there all morning, waiting to be worn. To fit in and make everything come to life. The time is literally now and Leonella is about to become a Bride!

The details are ready when we arrive. The rdess is hanging on her custom wooden hangar.

Catching a candid moment is the most important part of the day.

Big sister helps to adorn the bride's jewelry. She is probably the bubbliest person in the room and right by her side as Maid of Honor. Their energies together, light up a room.

Dad is going to walk his daughter down the aisle. With no fear, with hope and promise in the future. He knows he is about to hand his daughter to another man who loves her almost as much as he does. One last kiss before the symbolic send off.

Congratulations to the both of you! Two become one. Now for the photographer to take some group photos after everyone walks past the bride and groom to pose outside for a big group photo.

The dove is meant to be a symbol of peace in the couple's home and throughout their lives together. The bride and groom may also use doves in the wedding decorations as a way to extend peace and good wishes to their loved ones.

Good family portraits are worth it! The couple is aware and are always next to each other in every picture. Meaning they stand side by side. Standing in the middle of the couple isn't common but sometimes children or smaller friends/ family might look better snuggled between the couple.

Never get enough of private shoots. Just the two of you and no one else. We wrap up with the group shots and walk around a bit and take pictures of them both before the party begins.

Here comes the Bride.. again! The entrance into the reception is a blast, literally. Sparklers, DJ lights, uplights, downlights, chandeliers, all the lights. It's an event and Leonella and Vincenzo are ready. Letting their guard down, not overthinking, and just being themselves; empieza la fiesta!!!

Updated: May 7

In 2014, Same-sex marriage was federally legalized. Across the country, many celebrated. With less than a decade of gay marriages, society has opened up a whole avenue of love and self-expression to exist. This is a special time in history and every gay wedding I shoot, I am honored. I am documenting actual history. Incredible times we live in. Never take your liberty or freedom for granted.

Mitchell is getting ready for his first look with Anthony. The nerves are kicking in as Anthony's father helps Mitch with his suit. Things are about to begin!

Nanina's has their Christmas decorations still up in January, so with the cherry wood, there is a nice red and warm glow in the room. This fireplace area is filled with tables and seats. We push the décor to the side and open up this little set for the couple and theirr group portraits

Anthony and Mitchell, bravely kiss in front of their guests. Holding hands and dancing in the clouds for this special first dance. They are both happy, proud and appreciative of all their blessings in life.

Updated: May 7

A lot can happen in 2 hours. These two had a quick elopement in Norther NJ. Yarlyn called me a few weeks before via Greg Kitts, The Wedding Man. He's a popular wedding officiant in the area and we are great friends :) I love smaller weddings as much as I love large ones. Kind of like a lawyer with pro bono work, I will always shoot intimate gatherings and micro-weddings.

Yarlyn & Carlos have a quick ceremony with their loved ones in Clifton NJ at the Victorian Corner Chapel, right next to Lambert's Castle.

After some quick group photos, the couple wants to head to a park nearby, as we discussed. We decided on the beautiful overlook at Garrett Mountain Reservation in Clifton, NJ.

Sometimes, I like to add a splash of color in the sky, even if it's a little fake, fake can be fun

The Best Man actually caught it lol, and I caught the garter. Uh-oh! lol

There is an awesome Ice Cream Truck, there's a bunch of these across the park actually. So we posed next to one. I keep my eyes open and I'm always down for something different.

We wrap up with a final portrait. Congrats you two1