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Charlene & Peter

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Love is in the autumnal air. Two souls joining to one. It's a special time of the year, things are going as planned and life is great. Moments like these don't last forever and that's why we have photography.

The shoes, the rings, the invitations and bouquet, are just a few of the details you'll want to put to the side for your pictures. Charlene had everything ready, but I got to decide how it was decorated. The Bride wore a custom robe with her husband's last name on it, something custom from Etsy.

I like to have music playing to help set the mood and get some mimosas and champagne in our systems. Pop the bottle and have a little toast.

Now the ladies come in and help you get dressed! The necklace, the earrings, the shoes.. everything that we took pictures of in the details can be captured with the bridesmaids.

The Queen is here! The bridesmaids are right outside. They come in and see Charlene as a bride for the very first time. In fact no one has, not even Charlene herself. This is the first time she has the entire ensemble put together. She looks like a true Queen, every woman deserves that at least once.

Peter is getting ready at his mother's home in Staten Island. His mom places the boutonniere on his left lapel by the dining room window. Natural light pours in as the mother and son share in this special moment.

Charlene has one more first look. This time with Peter. She touches his shoulder, he turns and is left in awe. We drive back together in the golf cart, up the hill to another location.

The Bridal Party and the Parents congregate for their group pictures. Now that we got that out of the way, the couple will enjoy their cocktail hour. It's time to get married. Here comes the Bride!

Charlene is present. She listens to what the pastor is saying, they are both sharing this moment in front of a crowd, as if no one else is there. Peter and Charlene are of full of emotion but now they have each other, officially.

A nice long kiss to help the photographers out.

During the cocktail hour, the couple wanted more photographs. I will always gladly oblige. I'm up for any challenge, especially when it will add to the gallery.

Charlene is eyes open, present and expressing joy even through her emotions. Her father passed away, so as mother and daughter share in this dance instead. They pay tribute to a good man. Even dealing with this struggle Charlene is aware of her angles, the positioning of the camera and her posture. Peter too.

Charlene isn't afraid of the spotlight at all. She is feeling good tonight as is Peter, who isn't afraid to let loose and be playful. The more their personalities shine, the more it shows. All of these people are here to see the bride and the groom and they sure put on a show! The crowd wants to be entertained.

They feel the most free in front of their loved ones, their supporters, their fans one might even say. Charlene and Peter put on a good show and had a great time doing it.

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