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Tina & Keith

Updated: May 7, 2022

Not every wedding has a hundred guests. Elopements are all the rage. With brides becoming more selective with what they want from their wedding day,

For Tina, she wanted something smaller in terms of family and friends. By having a more intimate wedding, Tina is now able to splurge on what she really wants, like the church and photographer.

Presence is key. Tina knows her angles. She’s aware and present. At the altar, eyes are on her and she doesn’t forget it. Keith neither. This doesn’t mean she feels insecure or self-conscious if anything she’s working the camera.

In the back of her head shes focused on her posture, her appearance and her hair . She‘s happy and it shows and

Choking her own brothers, I'm sure she wishes sometimes haha.

We stop at their house for a quick picture with the puppy! Awww, of course we had to get him in a couple pictures. He couldn't make it to the church around the corner, so we just stopped on by for this photo before heading to the restaurant.

Skyline was right there behind the couple, it was a little darker because of timing, so keep in mind the sun sets before you know it.

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