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Michele & Robert

Updated: May 6, 2022

Michele and Robert have been waiting for so long for this day. Longer than most because of Covid. They are happy, excited and anxious about the day but calm and poised in their demeanor.

Michele wanted to shoot in her Mother's childhood home, which is a great option if possible.

The Bride and her father have a first look in the family room. Dad's first response is to cry and hug his daughter. They both tear up and let the moment happen, forgetting the cameras and being present.

Now the Groom's turn to see Michele. Waiting in the winter cold next to a bridge by a park in New Jersey that they love, Michele pulls up in her Escalade, hops out and gives Rob the big reveal!

The Day has only just begun, time to get hitched.

A few vows, burning of the candles, the big kiss and the grand exit are just a few highlights of the ceremony that Michele and Rob and their parents and family, get to look back on.

Family Portraits are always timeless keepsakes. Michele and Rob wanted a professionally lighted and edited image with everyone there. I help to set these up, it's no trouble at all and worth it for everyone involved. It's my honor.

No one's Italian here. That's Amore!

As the drinks keep coming, and the music get louder, the crowd is more inviting to the cameras. This is when we get people at their best, most open and jolliest.

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