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Hi, I'm Lou


I’m a wedding photographer located in New Jersey — thank you for checking out our work. I'm happy that you’re here for the journey! Follow along with the blog to learn more about your photographer and see the craftsmanship behind the lens. 


1. Have a family photo session: Schedule a separate photo session specifically for family photos. This will ensure that everyone is present and ready for the photos.


2. Incorporate family heirlooms: Incorporate family heirlooms, such as jewelry or other sentimental items, into your wedding photos to honor family history and tradition.


3. Include grandparents in the photos: Don't forget to include grandparents in the family photos. They will appreciate being included and it will be a special memory for them.


4. Capture candid moments: Capture candid moments of your family interacting and enjoying the wedding day. These photos can be some of the most meaningful and beautiful images from the day.


5. Use different groupings: Use different groupings for your family photos such as siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.


 6. Have a family photo wall: Create a photo wall featuring family photos from different generations. This can be a great way to honor family history and tradition.


7. Add a family member as a bridesmaid or groomsman: If you have a close family member, consider adding them as a bridesmaid or groomsman, this way they will be featured in many of the wedding photos.


8. Include pets: If you have a beloved pet, consider including them in your family photos. Pets can be a great addition to the family and will make the photos more special and personal.

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