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"Can True Love be captured? I can answer that in two words; "I do". For some, love  may be shown through grand gestures and declarations of love, while for others it may be the small, everyday moments that bring them closer together. But no matter how we choose to express it, love is a complex and elusive emotion. It's something that can't be seen or touched, but it's something that we can all feel. It's a feeling that fills our hearts and our souls, and it's something that we all crave in our lives.

That's where a special kind of photographer comes in. It takes a unique set of skills and talents to see into the heart of two people and to capture the love that exists between them. It takes a true artist to translate that love into a beautiful piece of art, a memory that will last a lifetime. Love is invisible, it's blind, and it's often difficult to put into words. But it's through emotion, through laughter and tears; it's in the way that two people look at each other, in the way that they hold hands, in the way that they embrace.

And it's my honor and privilege to be able to capture those timeless moments, to frame them in images and films, and to preserve them for all time. To be able to create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime, and to be able to share in the joy and love that exists between two people. So let's give it our best shot (literally). Through preparation, communication, and education, we will deliver both style and substance, both ease and excellence and I can’t wait to serve you! Let's capture the love that exists between you two, and let's create something truly beautiful and timeless. -L